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Entering the Chinese market might pose huge threats as well as raise a world of new questions, we can help you answer the main concerns you have, for any other matter we will be happy to hear from you and discuss them directly (Contact us).

What about my IP?

Through the whole process we help you address the potential threats and register your Trade mark and Copy right of your products and company, this is the single most efficient ways to start a protection plan, even IP registered in Europe and USA are useless once you discover your product has been copied in China. supported of IP experienced top law firms we ensure the right protection scheme is adopted to successful navigate  the Chinese legal system.

How can I commercialize my products in china?

Here is where our experienced local team will analyze your product and decide on the most suitable strategy, either online platform or offline distributor we consider all the possible alternatives, together with our vast network of partners and contacts we will design and implement the best strategy.

How can I get my Products to China and then distribute to the final customer?

Once we determine the best entrance strategy for the  product, we coordinate with international and local logistic companies to ensure the product is delivered safely and timely to the final customer.

How can I control the process in China?

As your partners we will take full control and responsibility of the operations in China, we have the necessary experience, the right team and the knowledge to run the operations so that you don’t need to worry, we are here every step of the way to ensure that you will be taking care of.